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Evening Programs

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Many campers say that evening programs are their favorite thing about Camp Cheerio. Held after dinner each night, these games are played by everyone in camp and are a great way to end the day.

Counselor Hunt
Along with your cabin-mates and a counselor, search high and low for the counselors who have dressed in costume and hidden themselves around camp. Earn points for each counselor you find, and then head back to the gym to see how your score measures up against the other cabins.

On carnival night the gym and surrounding fields are filled with games such as tug-of-war, sumo wrestling, football toss, sack races, and hula-hooping contests. Compete against your fellow campers to earn tickets, which can be redeemed for popcorn, balloon animals, face paint, or best of all- a chance to make your counselor experience the icy waters of the Dunking Booth!

Cabins are assigned to either the red, white, or blue team, and then each team splits up into cells of 4-5 campers and a counselor and is given either a backpack or a water gun. Cells with backpacks must attempt to reach base safely to earn points, but watch out for the water gun cells because if you're caught you have to forfeit your backpack and go hunt for another one.

After a cookout dinner head down to the lake where we will light a magic campfire and watch as each cabin performs a short skit, song, or dance.

Start with a classic game of capture the flag and then add water balloons, queens, hidden watermelons, and increase the fun by a factor of 10. That's Thrive!

Will you be a snake, a spider, or a flea? You and your cabin-mates must work your way all around camp collecting food, water, and shelter without being caught by the other animals.

Murder Mystery
One of your favorite staff members has been killed! Use your best detective skills as you and your cabin-mates interview the suspects to determine who is innocent and who is guilty!

Porchmate Showdown
Each cabin in camp has a porchmate, and throughout the session they have lots of opportunities to hang out and get to know each other. Our newest Evening Program tests that bond by pitting the cabins against each other in a variety of games and challenges!

Dinosaur Egg Hunt
One night, camp is temporarily overrun with dinosaurs! While usually very friendly animals, if your cabin tries to steal their egg (a watermelon), you better run like the wind back to the gym!

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