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Camp Cheerio - Summer 2021
Covid Protocols

We are looking forward to the summer! Please review our current Covid 19 Protocols. Protocols may (and probably will) change as the summer approaches, so please check back often. We will update this page as there are changes.

We are looking forward to working together to create a safe and fun environment for everyone. One of the keys to our success is to make sure everyone (staff and campers) arrive at Camp healthy. If your child is feeling ill in any way, please do not bring them to Camp. We will make every effort to accommodate them in another session, or give you a full refund if we are unable to find an alternative.

Although NC has dropped several Covid requirements, nothing has changed for the Camp setting. With children under 12 unable to be vaccinated at this point, they remain at risk for contracting the virus and spreading it to others. Although we may see some easing of guidelines through the Summer, all protocols remain in place at this time.

Protocols for 2021:

Prior to Camp

  • Campers will be expected to limit interaction with others a week prior to attending Camp.
  • Campers will have to get a COVID-19 (PCR, not antigen) test within 5 - 7 days of attending camp and present proof of a negative result on Opening Day. If you are not going to be home prior to Camp, we still ask you to limit interactions and to get a test.
    • If a Camper is fully vaccinated (Two doses and two weeks after the 2nd dose), please bring your vaccine card. Fully vaccinated Campers do not have to have a Covid test.
    • If a Camper has had one dose of the vaccine, please schedule your next dose after Camp. If you have had one dose, please bring your vaccine card, and a negative PCR Test.
  • You will receive a Opening Day Health Assesment/Temperature/Symptom check form prior to attending Camp. On the form, you will record temperatures and symptoms 7 days prior to Camp. All Campers, vaccinated or not, should complete this form.
  • Take your child's temperature prior to leaving home. We will check it again once you arrive at Camp. Children who have a fever (100.4 or more) will, unfortunately, not be allowed to stay.
  • We will send you an arrival time for Opening Day as arrivals may be staggered to limit the number of people at Camp at any one time.

At Camp (Opening Day)

  • Anyone entering the Camp gates must wear a mask at all times away from your immediate family. Once you leave the area around your car, please wear a mask.
  • Both parents may bring children to Camp.
  • If you arrive at Camp early, please plan to stay in and around your car until the gates open. You will not be able to roam around Camp prior to the gates opening.
  • Health and Temperature Checks will be done in your car. If you have medicine, please drop it off at the Sloan Center once you have gotten your child settled at their cabin. Please bring your child with you to drop off medications.
  • Camper belongings will be dropped off in front of their cabin. Parents will not be allowed in cabins. Your child's counselor will be outside to meet you and your child.
  • The Camp Store will be open in the gym. Please wear your mask and observe social distancing!
  • Our goal is to get you in and out of Camp quickly!

While at Camp

  • Children will not have to wear masks around their cabinmates.
  • Children will have a "cohort" they will be involved with during their stay. This will be two to four cabins. Children do not have to wear masks outside if social distancing can be maintained. They will wear masks inside and if a situation is crowded.
  • Temperature and illness screening will occur daily.
  • Anyone feeling ill should report it to their counselor immediately.
  • Spacing in the Dining Hall will follow Health Department recommendations.

In the Dining Hall

  • Cabins are distanced from each other (exact distance will depend on guidelines at the time).
  • Food will be served Family Style with a limited number of staff setting tables.
  • A limited number of staff members will be allowed to serve seconds during meal times. Campers will not be able to get up from their tables once seated, unless they need to go to the restroom.
  • Tables will be cleared and sanitized once everyone has left the Dining Hall.
  • Time spent inside the Dining Hall during meals will be minimized as much as possible.

What if your child is feeling sick at Camp?

  • The camper will be taken to the Health Hut. If they have a fever, cough, or have trouble breathing, we will escort them to a separate area designated for potential COVID-19 cases.
  • If your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you must be prepared to come and pick them up from Camp, within 8 hours. If you are unable to pick your children up, please have a plan for doing so. We will keep them isolated and comfortable until you arrive.

What if we were to have a case or suspect COVID-19?

  • We, or the parents, will conduct a COVID-19 test on the child. We will handle positive test results on a case by case basis, depending on the level of exposure to other children in their cabin or cohort. Anyone having symptoms will be isolated, treated, and will be asked to be picked up within 8 hours.
  • If we have a positive case or cases of Covid 19, we will work with our local Health Department on next steps.


  • Our staff, Counselors-in-Training, and Campers ages 12 - 15 have begun receiving their vaccinations. We expect a high percentage of our Staff and CIT's to be vaccinated by the summer. If you haven't gotten vaccinated and are eligible, please take the shot!


  • We have reduced the overall Camp population by about 10% to give us more room in and around Camp. As always, campers will be placed "Head" to "Foot" in their bunks to limit transmission of any germs.

General COVID-19 Practices and Protocols

  • Masks are not required when interacting with just your cabinmates, inside or outside. If you are interacting with anyone other than your cabinmates, masks are required indoors and if social distance cannot be maintained outdoors.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged whenever possible.
  • Frequent reminders will be made for everyone to wash their hands with soap and water and/or hand sanitizer multiple times each day.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout Camp at each building and each activity.
  • Camp is cleaned and sanitized each day. Public restrooms and heavily used areas are cleaned multiple times a day.
  • Activity equipment is cleaned each day, and if possible, between users.
  • All areas of Camp are sanitized each week with an electrostatic sprayer that neutralizes the coronavirus.
  • All air handlers in Camp (cabins, Dining Hall, Sloan Center) are equipped with polarized, ionized systems which neutralize the coronavirus.
  • Although children will sit together at meals, tables will be separated by an appropriate distance from other cabins and cohorts (Actual distance will depend on current guidelines).
  • Singing will mostly occur outdoors.
  • Every effort will be made to be outside or in highly ventilated areas whenever possible.
  • Staff Members will be limited in their ability to leave Camp during or between sessions. Any time a staff member does leave Camp, they will have a health screening, including a temperature check upon their return.
  • Any guests, delivery drivers, or staff who come from outside Camp to work, will be temperature checked and screened upon arrival. Any visitor on Camp must wear a mask.
  • We communicate with our local health department and medical personnel often. We will call them for guidance whenever needed during camp sessions.
  • Full refunds will be given if camp is cancelled or your child is unable to attend due to COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms.

We are looking forward to providing a truly memorable Cheerio experience for your children this summer! If you ever have questions, concerns, or suggestions, always feel free to give us a call 336-869-0195. We can't wait to see you soon!

PDF version of these protocols.

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