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Activity Options for Outdoor Education

canoeing on the lakeropes course

NOTE: All class lengths are approximate. Most activities can be
shortened or lengthened depending on the goals of the group.

Camp Cheerio Facilities


Expected Benefits

Class Length


exposure to a new activity, fun

1.5 hours

Initiatives/ Low Ropes

group cohesion, communication skills

2-3 hours

Rock Climbing in
camp on towers

individual accomplishment, goal
setting, group cohesion

2-4 hours

Canoeing- lake

teamwork, communication skills,
exposure to new activity, fun

1.5 hours

Ropes Course

1-2 hours

Canoeing- river
On the New River

teamwork, communication skills,
exposure to new activity, fun

4-6 hours

Gym Time, free play

unstructured group interaction
Supervised by school teachers

1 hour +

Hiking to Stone Mountain

new activity for most,
exercise, scenic, interpretive

3-4 hours +

Night Awareness Activity

environmental education, trust

1.5 hours


fun, stories songs

1.5 hours

New Games/Energizers

fun, ice breakers, structured, group interaction,
communication skills

1.5 hours +


Fun, getting wet

1.5 hours +

Arts and Crafts

fun, creativity

1.5 hours


Environmental Education Classes


Expected Benefits

Class Length

Tree Observation

describe a tree and its habitat using English, Science and Art

1.5 hours


hands on math and geography, group cohesion through the use of topographical maps and compasses

1.5 hours

Project Wild & Learning Tree

1-3 hours


learn the essential interrelationships among all members of our environment

.5 hour

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